Old furniture on sale. Cheap furniture for students.

Old Furniture On Sale

old furniture on sale

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    on sale
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4 poster Queen bed for sale

4 poster Queen bed for sale

Dark cherry wooden Queen bed and matching 8 drawer dresser for sale! Big, solid old school furniture, originally sold by Levitz in the late 80s/early 90s.

The bed is high, with lots of storage underneath, and comes with a little matching set of steps. The bed also comes with a Sealy Windermere pillowtop mattress and box spring. The mattress is about 7 years old, but very comfortable. The solid wood posts on the bed were hand carved, although unfortunately our cat has done some minor additional carving of her own.

The dresser is nice and big, measuring 68" long, 32" high and 18" deep (without the mirror). The removable three piece adjustable mirror adds about another 50" in height. There are 8 drawers, in a mix of sizes and depths.

Both are in very good condition (except for the cat carving mentioned above). We would prefer to sell them as a set for $400, but would consider selling them individually. All offers will be considered. Despite her misbehavior, the cat is not for sale.

old cupboard with stars | i am grateful for our "stuff"

old cupboard with stars | i am grateful for our "stuff"

i bought this with my first husband back in 1975 at a yard sale. it's been a million colors and had lots of different handles. carl painted it white for me (and i hoped it would distressed looking soon--hah, it was distressed almost immediately!--carl doesn't really "get" the whole distressed thing, but he wants me to be happy!). i got these star handles at one of our favorite stores in salem "pamplemousse" and even though they really should not be on this piece of furniture (notice how they have added to the distressing) i just love them there. this piece of furniture has been used in every home i have had since 1975 and has served many purposes. now it sits in the corner of our bathroom and holds linens. i am thankful for all the old stuff we have that makes our home a home.

old furniture on sale

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